K2 Dome Zero System

K2 Dome Zero System

Roof-parallel mounting system suitable for roof pitches up to 10° with typical flat roof coverings.

  • Roof parallel mounting system for flat roofs with Dome 6 components
  • Suitable for roof pitches up to 10° with typical flat roof coverings
  • Placement in portrait orientation of the modules
  • Very flat construction height – can be hidden behind a parapet

K2 Dome Zero System

K2 Dome Zero System

Technical data

Dome Zero System
Scope of application
Flat­roofs < 10° with foil or bitumen­covering, on concrete, gravel roofs.
Fastening type/­roof fixture
  • Ballasted and no roof­penetration: ≤ 3°.
  • With fixed binding Dome FixPro: > 3°
  • Permissible module ­dimensions (L×W×H): 1640-2390 × 950-1305 × 30-50mm
  • Minimum system size: 2 modules
Technical specifications
  • max. 12m in rail direction
  • max. 16m in cross direction
Minimum distance to the roof edge
600 mm
Inclination angle

  • Peak, mounting rail, FlatConnector-Set, SpeedPorter, Porter, DomeClamps: Aluminium EN AW-6063 T66, EN AW-6082 T6, EN AW-5754 
  • Mat S Protection Pad: EPDM 
  • Small parts: Stainless steel (1.4301) A2-70
Side views

K2 Dome Zero System


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