K2 S-Dome small System (Archive)

K2 S-Dome small System

Suitable for flat and trapezoidal sheet metal roofs. Saves material and transport and has a secure holding force.
  • Suitable on trapezoidal sheet metal for up to 15° roof pitch
  • Economical material and transport
  • Clever in the connection and secure in the holding force
  • Perfect combination of the all-rounder component MultiRail and load-optimised slim elevations

K2 S-Dome small System

K2 S-Dome small System

Technical data

S-Dome small System
Scope of application
Flat or pitched roofs ≤ 15° with trapezoidal sheet metal roofing
Fastening type / roof fixture Attached with drilling screws in trapezoidal sheets, parallel to raised crests
  • Sheet thickness: ≥ 0.4 mm steel or ≥ 0.5 mm aluminium
  • Tensile strength for aluminium: 165 N/mm²
  • Tensile strength for steel: acc. to approval min. S235 in acc. with DIN EN 10025-1
  • Crest width: min. 22 mm
  • Crest spacing: independent of crest distance
Inclination angle 10°
  • Mounting rails, Dome SD Small, Dome S1000 Small, FlexClamp Small: Aluminium (EN AW-6063 T66/ EN AW-6082 T6); EPDM
  • Small parts: Stainless steel (1.4301) A2
Side views

K2 S-Dome small System


Product data sheet

Brochure - Flat roof systems

Assembly manual

Checklist - Trapezoidal sheet metal / sandwich panel

General Assembly and Maintenance Instructions

Certificate static proof

Recommendations lightning protection and equipotential bonding

TerraGrif - Potential equalisation